More About Me


My father is a retired Air Force General, so I grew up moving constantly all around the world. Each new place that we moved, my parents made an effort to find whatever fun and interesting things there were to do there (and since most Air Force bases are not built near major metropolitan areas, this required a fair bit of creativity!). My mother was the daughter of a CIA agent (a “diplomat” as we were told when we were younger), and also grew up moving around the world. Accordingly, I love taking advantage of the many things there are to do wherever I end up living.

After many of the small towns that I’ve called home, Richmond is a veritable playground. In particular, I enjoy the VMFA, strolling down Monument Avenue, the Valentine Richmond History Center, Carytown, trying new Richmond restaurants, the wonderful arts and theater scene, and the plethora of Richmond festivals. I also enjoy the active nonprofit community and many ways to get involved in bettering the Richmond community. I’ve been involved in SCAN, Historic Richmond, and am a graduate of the Leadership Metro Richmond Class of 2013.

I love Richmond’s historic architecture. I live in the Fan and am a member of the Fan District Association Board. One of the things I am passionate about is connecting students to the community. If you are a student who wants to get involved in developing activities and/or other ways to engage students more deeply in the Fan neighborhood, please e-mail me!

Other little known facts about me: I was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader growing up. Before you poke fun at the latter, I will tell you that the skill of spreading enthusiasm has been quite helpful in my career long beyond my cheerleading days!

My first pet was a brown gerbil that my uncle got at a garage sale that I named Snowball; when he died a few weeks later (buyer beware when someone is selling a pet at a garage sale), my father caved and I got a white kitten more appropriately named Sugar. Much to my father’s dismay (not being the pet lover, I think he was hoping for another short stint), Sugar lived nearly 15 years surviving multiple trips around the world, several near death experiences, multiple cat fights (back in the day when you allowed your pets to wander around the neighborhood), and a bout with cancer that left her with one ear.

I now have an 8 year old son, who has a similarly independent spirit (the apple did not fall far from the tree; have I mentioned that I study genetics?). He’s definitely an orchid child, and I’m just trying to keep all that energy focused on activities that will land him in a future CEO position rather than in juvenile detention! A psychologist that I deeply respect once said to me that he had never known more about child development than after he got his PhD and before he had any children. I concur. And I also highly recommend the Kazdin book for any parent.